Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility has increasingly become a business priority. Newspapers, magazines and the internet all glowingly describe the business benefits of companies behaving responsibly. Executives are repeatedly informed that by demonstrating concern for the environment, human rights, community development and the welfare of their employees, they will make their firms more profitable. Their firms will gain a competitive advantage by appealing to the growing numbers of socially and environmental oriented consumers and employees.

Yesterday’s practice of companies simply giving money away to good causes has been superseded by today’s strategic corporate philanthropy, which ties donations of time, money, and in-kind gifts to defined business goals and desired benefits.

The numbers indicate clearly: Companies large and small do well by doing good.

91% of consumers have a more positive image of companies that support a good cause. 87% of employees at companies with cause marketing programs feel a stronger sense of loyalty to their employers.

How can your company help?

1) Find opportunities to serve as board members.

2) Search for volunteer opportunities for your employees!

3) Upgrading your furniture or computers? Donate the used furniture or computers to a local charity!

Addressing the problems of the people in your community can stimulate business development and brand loyalty. Companies can share a wide range of resources, including time, money, talent, and products, plus enjoy tax relief and increased community visibility.

Thank you for supporting nonprofit organizations and making a difference in your community.